• Information about Night-Rounds and Wine-Selling is now online (06.07.2022)
  • DJ Marc Willand and singer Michelle will provide musical entertainment at the afterparty on Thursday and Friday – more information here.(03.07.2022)
  • Unfortunately Don Casper and Neil Whiston had to cancel their participation in the event, Philipp Aff will spontaneously step in. The changes in the timetable can be found here (28.06.2022)
  • Helimusic will accompany the afterparty on Saturday – more information can be found here (23.06.2022)
  • Events around Vienna Calling (20.06.2022)
  • Informations about the Vienna Prelude (Thursday 7th July 2022) are online. (07.06.2022)
  • The Timetable is online (04.05.2022)
  • A big thank you to the Vienna Calling Team (04.05.2022)
  • The Callers and Cuers for Vienna Calling are set!! (30.04.2022)

Dear Square- and Round-Dance-Family, Dancers, Callers and Cuers,

the European Convention (EC) 2022 had to be cancelled, but we were able to keep much of the planning for it besides the EC location. „Vienna Calling“ will therefore be more than a replacement event from the

7th to the 10th of July 2022

– but in any case as planned one of the first big gatherings of dancers from Europe and also overseas after the hardest times of the Corona pandemic.

We will meet on Thursday, July 7 for the Vienna Prelude. This opening of the great Viennese dance weekend is an excellent opportunity to spend an evening seeing long-lost friends again and meeting new ones. „Vienna Calling“ then really gets going in the afternoon of Friday, July 8 and continues for about 48 hours until Sunday, July 10.

Many of the callers and cuers from Germany, England and the Czech Republic who were scheduled for the European Convention will be in action, plus a few more from Sweden and Slovakia, among others. The spectrum of Square levels from Basic to C2 has been retained, and Round is also back. Over the whole long weekend you can expect 20 hours and more of dancing fun – in each of the five halls.

Dancers from many Austrian and also foreign clubs help to make this dance festival as successful as possible and to get everything going organizationally. The financial responsibility has changed to club level after the EC cancellation. In order to avoid a shipwreck, we hope for your participation and would be happy to help you including your sightseeing experience in one of the world’s most worth seeing cities to an unforgettable stay.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Blaschke
The WorkShoppers – President
Vienna Calling – Head of the organisational team

©Vienna Calling
Gerd Eichmann | Wikimedia | CC BY-SA 4.0
Bwag | Wikimedia Commons | CC BY-SA 4.0
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© Vienna Calling
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