The heart of the VIENNA CALLUNG event, is in the BSFZ (Bundessport und Freizeitzentrum) Südstadt, situated to the south of Vienna.

The precise distribution of the rooms and the timetable will be announced in good time. The complex is completely barrier free.

The location of the venue is easy to reach by public transport from Vienna (local train to Baden or bus).  On site there will be space for parking cars and mobile homes.  More detailed information to follow. 

The BSFZ Südstadt is a centre for competitive sport and offers a variety of training possibilities e.g. handball, swimming, fencing and much more.

VIENNA CALLING will take place during the summer holidays, making it possible at this venue.  

Bundessport- und Freizeitzentrum Südstadt

Address: Liese Prokop-Platz 1, A-2344 Maria Enzersdorf