It is the basic idea, that we offer an additional, high-quality option for graduated dancers with our workshops. On the one hand, at each club-event a figure or a group of “related figures” is chosen, to exhaust and consolidate it. Only one level is danced at a club-event, not two or more.
At a club-event of three hours, the first hour is for warming up. You have the chance to get used to the voice of the caller, whom you maybe not have danced to yet. The second hour is the one of the workshop-topic. And in the third hour, the elements worked out and learned in the second hour are stabilised.
The choice of the workshop-topic can be done by the caller, on the hand. He knows best, in which he has his strong points. On the other hand, if the caller has two or three workshop-figures at choice, the dancers should decide via voting at the club’s website. Finally, the caller could give the choice of the workshop-topic to the dancers at all.
Dancer’s participation is important at The WorkShoppers. It is a club of the dancers respectively for the dancers.
Besides workshop-events, theme-nights are possible. This may refer to a style of music, to an occasion or a certain motto. Furthermore, it is thinkable, that “fantasy-calls” bring drive and fun to a club-event.
In and in the surroundings of Vienna, Round Dance is not as much developed as Square Dance. Therefore, on a lower level basic informations should be given and deepened. Nevertheless, workshopping dances – besides cueing – should be a part of club-events.
The WorkShoppers don’t decline holding classes for people interested in Square and Round Dance. If there is the wish for it, we will think about offering it.